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Your Plan: Fast and Easy

Consulting Time: 60 Minutes
Additional Email Support: 7 Days


Setting up the conference call.

First, we will need 3 suggested appointment times from you over the next 5 working days emailed to: The suggested time must be between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

We will then email you a confirmation of the time and date typically the same day the order was placed.

Your Consulting Session.

Our conference dial-in number is: (605) 475-4816.


After the Call.

Within 24 hours after the conference call a report will be emailed to you.

This report will contain:

  1. The consultant’s notes taken from the meeting and a recap of the solutions discussed for your records.
  2. The minutes that were used and the minutes in your plan that are remaining for additional consulting sessions. You can use any unused minutes up to 1 year from your first conference with Ingenious.
  3. Your plan also includes email support for the issues discussed during your consulting session for up to 7 days after any conference call session.

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