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I’ve often searched for “no bloat” guides on starting businesses and learned quickly there isn’t much that isn’t full of useless facts, stories or other fluff that isn’t particularly useful. It seemed like you need to scan 100 or more pages of text to find just one tiny nugget of truly impactful information. For years I’ve made notes on various business’s and have finally taken it upon myself to turn this into something others can benefit from. So many mistakes could have been avoided had there been some source of solid information -i.e. a mentor of sorts that will help you detect the pitfalls and begin with some things that are proven to work time and time again. So what follows are my notes and experiences turned into a condensed set of rapid-fire notes to get you started in the right way with your new business.

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Rapid Fire Guide to Building a Startup Business

Professional Startup Consultants

We can help you fulfill the potential of your idea. Whether you are starting out or looking for new growth, let us help you to achieve your goals. Start out the right way, let us help you increase efficiency, save money and decrease production time.

Many people have an idea and think of starting a new business, but few of them actually see that dream become reality. Whether it is lack of funding or lack of knowledge on how to approach such a project, far too many great ideas never see the light of day.

Don’t let the potential of your idea go unfulfilled, by leveraging our expertise and experience in all aspects of business startup and managing growth, we can help your idea become the success you know it can be.

Our team works closely with you, analyzing your business idea and establishing your goals. We then help you to create an achievable path to reach those goals. This can include all aspects of the process, from identifying suitable financing options to developing stable revenue streams, drafting team structure to enable an agile, efficient business that works for you. With everything considered, we work with you to develop a practical route-to-market strategy for your idea that delivers the outcomes you are looking for.

That clear roadmap to your goals is accompanied by a wealth of advice from our highly experienced team that leave you with the direction and knowledge to implement your idea and launch the successful business that you deserve.

We believe that engaging a consultant should never be just an advisory process, and we always go that extra mile to help you reach your goals, because your success is our success. Our consultants work with you to implement that roadmap, guide you through problems and provide insight where needed, giving you the support of extensive experience and startup knowledge that can really make the difference between struggle and success.

With our help, you can start your business the right way, building the success your hard work deserves, knowing you have the strong foundations to support your dreams.

Startup Consulting

Startup Consulting

Contact us today to begin discussing your project and how our startup IT consultants can deliver what you need.

Startup Consulting

Outsourced Development Services

Outsource Development

If your business needs talented IT consultants for upcoming projects, Ingenious startups can help.

Outsourced Development Services

Usage of Brand Licensing

Usage of Brand Licensing

A well-functioning corporate licensing program can help a brand to expand into new categories and territories, adapting to new trends and a changing marketplace

Usage of Brand Licensing

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Includes 60 minutes of answers to any question about your business

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Our team can tackle any startup question you might have. This 120 minute package can be split up into as many calls as you need and includes 2 weeks of email support.

  • Utilize Our Vast Experience
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  • Product commercialization!
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C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Partnership? Which is best?
Business Consulting Company
Business Consulting Company in Portland OR
This is a fundamental start-up business decision and once chosen is hard to undo. Your options typically are a corporation, an S corporation, an LLC, partnership (general and limited) and a sole proprietorship. Lots of tax implications involved with your choice here but take it from me the liability drawbacks of partnerships and proprietorship’s are so high that I would say in most cases they should be avoided.

a. Determine the state you plan to legally start your business in. This does not necessarily need to be the state you actually operate the business. I’ll get into NEXUS implications in a later article but here is a hint – LLC’s and S Corps formed in states like Nevada and Delaware have considerable advantages over most states. One thing to keep in mind are the fees for creation of entities in Nevada and Delaware. In recent years they have increased their formation fees as well as the dreaded annual report fee typically provided by your registered agent. These can be $400+ for formation and $350/year for annual reports from your registered agent.

Here is a little-known fact. Wyoming is an alternative state to start a new business. The laws are similar to Nevada and Delaware but both the registration and annual fees are just a fraction of other popular states. It’s important to remember your business does not need to actually be located in the state where your sales occur. In most cases it is best to choose an entity state based on the protections you are afforded.

b. You will need a federal EIN or Employer Identification Number in most cases to get a bank account. This can help in other ways as you can use it instead of other identification in some cases such as your SSN. Here is a link to the IRS to get your EIN: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/apply-for-an-employer-identification-number-ein-online

c. Some businesses require a license or licenses. Federal, state, county and local all might require you to have a license. Trade organizations can assist with advice on this as well as the Small Business Administration or SBA. They now have a website that can often assist with this at: https://www.sba.gov/business-guide/launch-your-business/apply-licenses-and-permits

Free Excerpt from the Rapid-Fire Startup Guide You can buy the full guide for just $20 and get free updates for 1 year! It really is filled to the brim with useful information on getting a business going.