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Optimize Your Office
Business Analyst
Business Analyst Consultant in Salem OR helping new startup companies succeed.
There are many ways to save time during the day. Every minute counts when you run a startup business – so much so that things that cut down your time usage or raw expenses will help. Here are some tips:

A. Think about using a virtual phone service for your primary office phones. You can easily route services like grasshopper, ninja number and others in professional time saving ways to your cellphone. They even route voicemails to your email.

B. If you need a physical phone a VOIP service like Vonage will let you connect a real office style phone to each line and you can still route from your virtual phone service to that phone (or a group of phones).

C. Services like Ruby Receptionist and MoneyPenny can answer your phone with live friendly type operators. If capturing each customer is valuable this sort of service can be essential. (you can mix this type of service with your virtual phone service by forwarding extensions to your virtual receptionist).

D. Smartphone software. In todays age your smartphone is your office away from your office and it’s essential you have the right apps installed to maximize benefits. Everything from tracking expenses (with apps such as Expensify) to managing groups of engineers (Apps like Slack), unified numerous email boxes with BlueMail, group meetings with GoToMeeting, appointment management with Outlook and much more.

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