Product creation, manufacturing, BOM creation/sourcing, product assembly, packaging


With extensive industry experience, we are able to provide critical insight and guidance into all aspects of product creation and route-to-market strategies. Whether it is help with finding expertise to make use of the latest in CAD design, outsourcing assembly or any other aspect of the process, we can help find the ideal solution for your needs.

Legal Consultant
Legal Consulting

Creation of the legal entity and where it is most advantageous to form it

The digital revolution, with high speed internet on every continent, has made the world a much smaller place, especially for business. We help you choose the right location for the legal entity that is your startup, finding the location that offers the regulatory and fiscal opportunities that suit your project, and also provide insight and guidance into the process itself, helping file the correct paperwork and ensure legality at every stage of the process.

Finance / raising money, usage of services like Kickstarter/Indiegogo

Crowdfunding and other new sources of finance have revolutionized the way startups are funded, but to maximize the opportunity they represent means having a full understanding of the process and structuring offers that attract investment. Our consultants are able to provide guidance, helping you to create a funding roadmap for crowdsourcing or any financing approach that delivers the outcomes required for your business.

Finance Consultant
Finance Coach
Branding Help
Branding Coach

Usage of brand licensing

Highly knowledgeable in this field, our team is able to draw from our own experience of maintaining several high-profile branding license deals, to provide an effective approach to brand licensing that results in satisfactory outcomes for all parties.

International expansion and law, US and international patent, copyright and trademarking advice

For any business, maintaining legislative compliance is essential for long term success, however, international growth brings with it the need for compliance with an increasing amount of unique legislation, both for operations and to maintain control of brand and product identity, including copyright and trademarking. We are able to guide you through this process, ensuring that your operation maintains compliance, spotting issues before they become a legal problem, and ensuring you maintain ownership of your trademarks and copyrights around the world.

trademark coach
International Trademark Advise
Outsourcing Help

Best usage of outsourced development services

Outsourcing brings many advantages, but it also needs careful management. We help you not only identify the best use of outsourcing strategies, but create a blueprint for identifying suitable outsourcing partners, and building an agreement that delivers the performance and results from partners that your business needs.

Cost Controls

One of the major causes of failure for startups is cashflow problems, we help you combat that with a carefully created strategy to adequately control overheads in that crucial early phase before revenue lines are established. These savings can come from a variety of operational choices, but for new startups, especially those new to business, it can be all too easy to overspend at the start and get into difficulties when income is delayed.

Retaining low overheads, through the use of free or low-cost accountancy, email and website services Rather than the more expensive, full service options, focusing on online sales to get cashflow started before looking at distribution, keeping office space costs low and so on.

In addition, we are also able to provide guidance to maximize that early income while maintaining lower overheads, including the value of CMS software integration into your website, and how to make full use of the profit opportunity it represents. We are also able to provide sales and distribution advice, offering solutions for startups with limited capital, including introductions to suitable suppliers where required.

Cost Control
Cost Control Coach